Tamara - 2003 vs. 2019
Thinking I knew how to eat healthy ... and learning that a venti frap every day just isn't a good thing ... to now and knowing how to fuel my body properly!
One of our mentor coaches and her journey back to being her happy, healthy self after a car accident!
Clarissa - 2003 vs. 2018
Battling with food addictions for most of her life,
The hardest working, strongest woman we know! Vanessa uses our programs to help enhance her cycling races and to live her happiest, healthiest life!
From right to left, Charlee is feeling on top of the world and has so much more energy for life and teaching her Spinning classes!
From a bit lost and not making herself a priority to feeling so confident she rocked a cheeky bikini on her recent trip to Mexico! It is all about how we feel!
Age 18 to age 42 - not only does she feel younger, she has way more confidence to just BE!
Coach Keshia
This woman ..... she has been through hell and back and every day we watch her get stronger, more committed to her own journey and literally kicking ass in life!
Face to Face
2009 and 2019 - in 10 years she has gone from feeling shy and without confidence to feeling like herself - she finally understands why the airplane mask goes on her own face first!
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