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Your Future is Calling

I am currently away camping with my Mom, my kids and my daughter's best friend. It's been a great couple of days and we are heading home today.

Yesterday I was completely blown away by a conversation I overheard between my daughter and her best friend. Her friend said to her - "Shayna - you have to have a vision. Visualization is key to achieving the things we want." To say I was impressed was an understatement.

It got me thinking to my daily routine, my vision boards, and even why New Years Resolutions don't work. The reason resolutions don't work is we make too many of them. And then because we can't sustain all of them, we consider ourselves failures and reaffirm for ourselves that we will never get to those goals we set.

What if we started with just ONE?

Let's say you're struggling with energy levels so we work on water intake for a solid month. Every morning as soon as you wake up, you have 24oz of water (you can add lemon, mint, cucumber, or even a pinch of Pink Himalayan salt). Then 30 mins before every meal, you have another 24oz of water. I can pretty much guarantee that we can ALL manage this small adjustment and just by hydrating our bodies, our energy levels will improve and we can move on to that next goal.

Let's say we then want to work on our fitness. So we make a commitment to workout 3-4 times a week (I usually aim for 4 - twice during the week and then Saturdays & Sundays) for 30 minutes. We print off a calendar, schedule in our workouts and check them off as we get them done. By showing up for ourselves these 3-4 times/week, we start building trust in our abilities PLUS we are now hydrated AND feeling stronger because of the water & workouts.

Now take month 3 - we want to improve our nutrition. This is one that usually takes more of an adjustment period so I would recommend 2-3 months committing to this. We are still having our water and working out - now we are just also adding in some nutrition improvements (if you want some help with this, please let me know). Do you get the process???

When we write our New Years Resolutions, we write 10-15 of them and then want to get all of them done as quickly as possible. Our brains don't work this way! Our brain is hardwired to protect us - EVEN FROM CHANGE - so if we attempt all 10-15 items on our list, we have basically just put our brain in to complete panic mode. Pick one at a time and work on it for at least a month!

On a side note, every morning I spend about 10 minutes listening to personal development and writing out my daily affirmations, things I am grateful for and some I am statements. I've done this everyday since I started my journey to my healthiest me in order to brainwash myself so that itty bitty bitchy committee can't shut me down and jump on my case if I had some sweets yesterday or took a day off of working out. I highly recommend you doing this as well!

So here would be my recommended process:

  • write your list of 10-15 "resolutions" or "goals" for yourself

  • pick one to start with and work on it for a solid month

  • then add on a second one once the first one feels like it's part of your life

  • and keep doing this until voila, you've accomplished all 10-15

Now picture yourself in a year and your future is calling - what will you be congratulating yourself for?

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