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Where my over-thinkers at?

Alright so this may seem like a strange way to start this post, but I think it's extremely relevant because I overthink so many things. INCLUDING inviting you to this Back to School Bootcamp. I overthink inviting because I know fitness & nutrition is such a personal thing - I know a wellness journey for many is a freaking struggle - and I respect all of this.

At the same time, I know I can help. I have helped so many over the years - and have a ton of personal experience in this department as well.

So here are the details:

  • my team and I are hosting a FREE 5 day Back to School Bootcamp starting Aug 24th

  • we will be providing you with workouts, recipes, and tips on making wellness easy and simple in our lives

  • we would LOVE to have you join us

If you are interested, it's simple - join this group OR reply to this and I'll get you the details:

Please know you are never a sale or a number to me. You are a beautiful human being that deserves to feel happy, proud, alive, energized, vibrant, strong and more! I am sending you love and light and hope to see you in our upcoming Bootcamp!

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