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What I will miss most ....

is her. I have never in my life felt so attached to a pet and I have no idea how such a small creature (only 4lbs) can be so incredibly full of love.

When Maggie first came in to our life, I was not looking for a pet. In fact it was the opposite of what I was looking for. I knew the responsibilities of training a dog and what that would mean for travel, etc - Clarissa did not know.

What I didn't know though is that she would heal us. She makes us stop, play, smile, laugh and just be. She brings so much joy to my kids, our friends and to the people we meet on a walk.

I always say when someone stops to say hi, "Maggs, you did your job today - you made someone smile!"

Working from home the past few years has been even that much better because I always have my little work companion by my side .... so going back to full-time teaching is heavy on my heart because I will miss her. I've contemplated bringing her crate to work with me and walking her to and from work with me where she can be our classroom pet .... let's see what my admin says about that!

And for those wondering - I am still coaching full time - I just can't run my Zumba programs and I have 3 mouths to feed, a mortgage to pay for, etc etc etc so even though coaching is going well and I love it so very much, the reality of "pandemic life" hit me too and in a few short weeks, life is about to get very different!

In the meantime, I will treasure my moments with my little buppy .... she was a gift in our lives and I thank the universe for her every single day!

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