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The "hard" truth ....

... is that I hate the word hard and the word should. Yet as much as I try to avoid both of those words, sometimes I have to use them.

This week has been hard for me. It has challenged my emotions, my belief in my self and me being a "good person", my patience when I know I have a ton, my "be kind" rule, my "no yelling" rule and more.

I took this picture after my workout yesterday because I truly couldn't believe I made it through the workout. I needed something to remind me of how mentally and physically strong I am.

The workout itself was brutal - 1 hour of compound moves targeting ALL areas of my body. I cried, I swore at my trainer, I paced between sets - but guess what? I didn't give up.

I kept telling myself, "T - just do these 15 reps." And so I would. Then the next round would come and I would say, "T - just do these 15 reps." In the end, I did 225 reps. 225 reps that almost each one of them, I wanted to quit.

But I didn't.

Life is always going to throw us some curve balls. I believe this most recent curve ball for me has a few reasons:

  • I don't feel like I've truly "known myself" for very long and this was just another way for me to stay true to my boundaries and what works for me.

  • A reminder that because of coaching and the constant "self-work" that is involved, I am able to tackle some pretty big obstacles.

  • And honestly, a huge reminder that I am strong and able to make it through "hard things"!

My friends - we are all going to get curve balls thrown - it's just the nature of the game. Remember though, it only takes one step - one moment of "just do these ......" and you'll not only make it through, you'll make it through stronger than before.

I believe in you - now it's your turn to believe in you.

Sending love,


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