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Organizing .... my LIFE

It has become more and more evident to me that the more intentional I am with my time, the more time I have.

Seems like it shouldn't be that way, right? Yet every day, I organize my life like this and every day I have time to do the things I love that make me happy.

Of course I don't go for a walk with Maggie, enjoy a sunset or a picnic dinner, read for hours, etc all in one day - but I do get time to enjoy some of those things every single day!

My trick to creating time in my life is this planner! I buy a plain planner ..... I usually get mine from a bookstore so it has some sort of inspirational quote or picture on the front .... I fold my paper in half and I plan my day.

I dare you to give it a try .... then let me know how much more time you have to ENJOY and do the things that make your heart happy!

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