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OMG my fingers missed this ....

I've always told Clarissa and my team that my words flow better from my brain through my fingers than they do through my mouth. That being said, I've also always challenged myself to be very careful with my spoken word because that's no excuse to be an asshole.

These past 2 weeks have been crazy. When I knew I was back in the classroom full-time, I tried to create a realistic schedule with my coaching biz that still allowed me to write my blogs because they are so fulfilling for me. It's now September 24 and my last one was on September 7th ... so far, the best laid plans .... well, they didn't fucking work.

Today I woke up sad and overwhelmed. I will ALWAYS share the real because I am not a flipping unicorn. I am fairly lenient when it comes to snacking in class, or wanting to eat their snacks while working, or listening to music - I started to feel yesterday that I was being a bit too lenient and it made me sad. It made me sad because I like me .... and I didn't want to have to change me (which I realize I won't have to - I just have to be clearer with my communication on expectations).

I also struggled because I have a delightful autistic boy in my class but hadn't seen one minute of help for him in 9 days .... so, how am I supposed to teach a Math program to 26 other kids when I have to walk him through math questions step by step??? Plus throw in the goals for our biz, time with my kids and life - had me feeling pretty defeated.

Does that mean I'm going to give up?

FUCK NO - and this is the thing I always tell my clients. It's about finding the systems that work for each one of us. There is no "should do this" or "should do that" - in my mind, should can go fuck itself. There is ONLY me trying to do better each day and that better is completely and entirely up to ME!!!

So yes, I reach out to my clients and attempt to help them create schedules that will work - because our own health comes first regardless of how busy or tired we are. And yes, I will get up early to workout so I can have more time in my day for my business, my family, Maggie, and Clarissa. And yes, I will continue to do the things like writing this that bring me joy.

I'm really tired of people telling me they are too tired.

I'm really tired of people telling me they can't afford it.

You know why I'm tired - because I fucking care. That's why I'm tired.

We ONLY get one body that we know of. Only one. Our bodies are Lamborghini's - so why do we continue to fill them with cheap diesel when they want premium fuel - oh and then expect them to run like a Lamborghini!!! Why do we not work our bodies like a Lamborghini wants to be driven? Why are we ok with Netflix & Popcorn & Soda?

This makes me so sad. We don't even give our bodies a chance and then write it off as too expensive or not enough time.

If this fucking pandemic has taught us anything it's that we have to use the premium fuel and take care of ourselves! So my friends, if I can commit to eating better, hydration and regular workouts while teaching, running a business, and my Zumba - you can commit to and to be honest, I need you.

Listening to Rachel Hollis' "Girl Stop Apologizing" the other day and she mentioned asking for help. I need your help. I need you to lean on. And I want to be there for you to lean on too!

You finally ready to take this leap with me .... cuz now more than ever I believe we need each other! Let's chat my friends - and finish this year strong together!

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