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Oh, but I want to enjoy my summer ...

I often get these statements. Or ones like "I'll start after the long weekend", or "maybe after the holidays", or "I'll start after summer vacation". And the list goes on and on.

There will ALWAYS be the things that come up, or the excuses .... there will always be something else.

You know what's so ironic about that? There is NOTHING more important than our own health. NOTHING.

If you are a parent and blaming your kids dance schedule or hockey schedule - who's going to drive them to those things if you get sick?

If you are a busy corporate worker with 12+ hour days - who's going to fill in or replace you if you get sick?

There is NO better time than this VERY minute to work on your health and fitness - it's THAT simple.

Look at this workout tracker for August - only ONE rest day. That does NOT mean I worked out for hours and hours everyday. Monday through Saturday my workouts were approx. 30 mins and varied from cardio to strength training. Sundays were a 20 minute stretch. That's it in terms of my fitness commitment. And I did this in the summer during a pandemic!

I saw a post from a teacher in a mom's group on Facebook where she recommended we try on our work friendly clothes before school starts because hers don't fit anymore - WHY? We've been home for the most part, have access to healthy, fresh food, AND have had beautiful weather to be outside enjoying activities. So WHY don't those work clothes fit anymore?

The only reason they don't is because all too often, us Mamas put EVERYONE ELSE FIRST. Have you ever tried to pour from an empty cup? It doesn't work.

So my friends, enough with the excuses. That's all they are. Maybe we are afraid of not showing up for ourselves, maybe we are afraid of succeeding (yes, that's a thing too), maybe we are afraid of the gym, maybe we are afraid we can't eat the foods we enjoy - whatever the reasons, they are just fear speaking and YOU DESERVE to feel your best.

You really do.

I'm starting one of my favourite, yet demanding programs on September 14th .... it will take us through to the beginning of December.

In fact, I think we are all going to look SMOKING HOT for Christmas!

Look at Emily's 80 day results!

If she can do it, so can WE (and yes, I've done the program before and felt #AMAZING and #strongaf after I was done.

I will be providing you with:

* access to this program with 80 different workouts PLUS a full year of access to our 76 other programs

* access to our accountability group

* access to me as your coach (YAYYY)

* access to our nutrition plans

* 30 day supply of supplements to try

* a full money back guarantee


Are you finally ready to beat fear??? Let's finish 2020 together STRONG and UNITED!!!

Let's Chat Friends!!!

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