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My 5am Challenge

I woke up this morning with a fire in my belly. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I almost talked myself out of this, but .... we all know what happens when we talk ourselves out of the things we need to do!

As we head in to summer vacation, many of us are excited about lazy mornings with no alarm clock. Not this girl! Here's why. I know from years of experience that when I get up early in the morning my days are AMAZING. I get most of my work done before my kids are even out of bed so I can enjoy my time with them and with Clarissa without chasing time.

This led me to create "My 5am Challenge". The challenge is simple - if on any particular WEEKDAY my Morning Routine post is not in my Instagram (@freetobegirls or @freetobetam) or Facebook (Tamara Fraser) story before 5:30am pst, send me a message! I will put together a bucket of everyone who messages me that day and calls me out on not showing up for myself and I will do a draw for a prize. Prizes will vary based on where you live because I will not spend $20 on shipping alone but I can promise that the prizes will be good because what would be the point in me doing this challenge if they werent!

I am the first one to admit that accountability is key. Accountability is the reason why my Virtual FitGym rocks. Sure weight watchers and personal trainers are amazing and we see results WHEN WE GO - but as soon as we stop going, what happens? Not in my FitGym! We create new normals for ourselves that are sustainable and it all happens because of accountability!

So this is me getting very uncomfortable and holding myself accountable with all of YOU! Like I said, I'm excited AND nervous. It's not easy to put ourselves out there - I know that my summer, my family, and Clarissa will appreciate that I did when September comes because I will have made the most of every single day .... and that my friends is why I'm leaning on YOU!

Day 1 was today - and I was up by 4:30 .... workout done by 6. Let's see what tomorrow brings! And thank you in advance for your help - I appreciate YOU!

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