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Motivation .... or is it?

I get asked on a regular basis how I can be so motivated. I am NOT motivated. Motivation is temporary and will not carry me through to my goals. Motivation is something we need to almost "renew" daily.

I am incredibly disciplined.

I was sharing in my bootcamp this morning about how the more I show up for me when I make a commitment, the more disciplined I will be. And my friends, discipline is what will carry us through to any goal.

One area of my life I am incredibly disciplined in is my morning routine. I know after days and days and weeks and months of showing up for me, that the more I stick to my morning routine, the better my day will be. So why wouldn't I choose a better day? That is not motivation!

Every morning I get up and I write out my plans for the day. I fold a piece of paper in my journal in half and on the left side I put the times and what I will be doing. On the right side, I have my 12 affirmations, my I am statements and at least 3 things I am grateful for (can be seen in this blog post - I know because I have been doing this for so long now that the more I stick to my routine, the more time I will "have" that day.

When I say "have" that day, I used to feel like I was constantly chasing time. Like the days would fly by and I had no control and really no "me" time. Now because of my disciplined morning routine practice, I feel intentional with my time and as a result, I feel like I have more of it (even though I know it's the same 24 hours).

Another area of my life I am incredibly disciplined in is my fitness routine. When I was going through my counselling after my youngest was born (dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, childhood sexual abuse and more), my social worker at the time told me to start running. So I got myself a really good jogger stroller and I ran. I ran every single day. I started calling myself Forrest Gump ... but you know what, I felt better.

I was happier. I was calmer. I was having fewer and fewer panic attacks. I also noticed more energy, clothes fitting and I would actually look at myself in the mirror. This led me to get a membership at my local gym which led me to early morning workouts (up at 4:40 to be at the gym by 5) which led me to Zumba which led me to coaching and here I am 11 years later in amazing shape, helping others feel better in their own skin and still showing up for my own fitness every single day.

Friends this is NOT motivation. This is years of me showing up for me to create a disciplined routine because I know it will allow me to have a better day, a better week, a better life and guess what - be a better person!

So my tip for you today is simple - enough with the motivation. Like I shared on Saturday, nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to get up at 5:30am on a Saturday to workout. Yet everybody wants to feel good, be proud and love themselves enough to look in a mirror. So stop with the motivation talk and work on YOUR schedule for you. Be realistic. Set yourself up for success. And then show up for you EVERY SINGLE DAY! You deserve it.

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