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Me as a coach, "ya right!"

  • I knew nothing about coaching

  • I was not (nor am I still) at my goals

  • I had very little belief in the value I could provide for others

All of these thoughts and more have gone through my head - before I started coaching and now they even creep in 5.5 years in to this business.

When I started this business in January of 2015, my hope was to help others take care of themselves through fitness & nutrition - and I still aspire to do that - what I didn't realize though was how much this opportunity would impact MY LIFE.

As a very young child (not even 3), I was sexually abused by a male babysitter. He told me I would be hated for what "I did" if my parents found out. He also told me he'd kill my family if he found out I told them. So much of my life was shaped just because of that moment.

I didn't believe I was worthy of love. So I crossed all of my "T's" and dotted all of my "i's" in order to prove I was a good human being and deserved the gifts in my life. I also didn't believe I was worthy of "things" in my life, so I never really dreamed. It took me almost 3 years to make my first vision board and even to this day, I struggle with what I want in life, this business, and more. It's something I work on every single day. I also didn't believe that I had much value to offer others. Again this is something that creeps up from time to time - "am I really helping her with her program and her goals?", "am I really a good leader for my team?" Another thing I work on every-single-day!

Coaching has not only given me the chance to work through these demons and shed light on my gremlins, it has connected me with the most amazing human beings ever. I am inspired daily by these women (and the rest of our Empower Squad) who are also working through their own struggles, who share their highs and lean on us through their lows, who challenge me to push myself out of my comfort zone, and who are there for me every step of the way.

Yes, I am forever grateful and humbled by the clients that have joined me along the way - the trust of another human being is something that will never be lost on me - I am also however, incredibly grateful for a TEAM. I used to feel alone a lot. I used to struggle in silence. And because of these ladies - I am free.

Free to be me, free to be us, free to be ... you!

I honestly never thought I'd join an online business opportunity because my list of "I won't do this ...." was pretty enormous - I am so freaking happy and thankful I took a chance. Not everything is always what we think it is - sometimes the gifts are right in front of us if we only truly open our eyes.

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