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Is your pee yellow?

I shared this today in my bootcamp and it is one of the things that I "re-learned" during my 21 day cleanse. Most of us are functioning in a state of severe dehydration and if we truly want to feel our best, we MUST increase the amount of H2O we take in EVERY DAY.

Here are some of my top tips for staying hydrated! I'm doing all of them but take what works for you and I promise you'll be feeling better in no time!

Tip One:

Drink 20-24oz of lemon water first thing in the morning. YES - BEFORE you drink your coffee. We have just slept and our bodies are dehydrated from not having any water all night. So before you pour that Cup o Joe, give your body a chance to run properly. The other component to this is that coffee itself is very acidic and if you drink lemon water, you are prepping your body to become more alkaline (which is optimal) before you put that caffeine in!

Tip Two:

Try to reduce the amount of coffee (and caffeinated tea) you take in. I have been completely off of coffee for 4 weeks now and I have not felt this good in a long time. I miss coffee - so perhaps I'll have one on the weekends - but I definitely do NOT miss the 3pm crash I experienced every single day. During this crash I would often reach for more caffeine rather than water - now I know that the water helps more!

Tip Three:

Get yourself some Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Yep - you read that correctly! Thirty minutes (30 mins) before each meal, drink 20-24oz of water with a pinch of the sea salt in it. I find the salt makes the water that much "easier" to drink!

Tip Four:

Try to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed. Just like coffee, alcohol dehydrates us and thus prevents our bodies from running how they can.

Maybe some of those work for you. Maybe all of them do. Even trying one will help you feel better, clear a bit of that brain fog, and help your body run a little smoother! Cheers to the weekend being upon us and us all working on improving our hydration!

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