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If not now ....

then when? I shared this quote in my FitGym this morning because all too often we get started on this "fitness journey" and then quit on ourselves.

Because I am in the "wellness industry" I relate this to a journey that involves starting a fitness program or working on nutrition through one of the 3 programs I help with - but honestly, this quote has to do with EVERY AREA of our lives!!!

If we are a parent and want to be a "better" parent - if not now, when?

If we are a student and want to graduate - if not now, when?

If we are wanting to take that chance on a job we'd love - if not now, when?

If we have that perfect vacation planned in our head - if not now, when?

This quote is for ALL of us because there are always areas of our lives we are wanting to change, work on, etc. And if not now, WHEN?

Looking back at my life, I see a time when I had a very well-paying job, was comfortable and relatively "happy" - I knew that job was temporary because it wasn't what I wanted for my life and I started to see qualities in myself I didn't like as a result of that job. I could easily still be working there, living an extremely comfortable life - I would also probably be miserable because there would be a complete lack of self-love and pride. So I quit.

Yes it's fucking scary to make changes - any changes - but if we know deep down inside that we want something (and I don't mean the latest iPhone) and are willing to work for it, if we don't do it now, then WHEN?

So whatever it is today that has been "haunting you" - just do it or make that first step towards it - because we never regret trying!

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