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I wish I had motivation ....

.... is something I am told very VERY VERY frequently.

My friends, this is NOT motivation. Motivation doesn't last - motivation is why we go on a Spring Cleaning binge or set some New Years Resolutions. Motivation is not getting up at 4:45am to make sure you are working out at 5:15 everyday.

That my friends is discipline.

That is me working through the motivation and practicing and practicing and practicing. That is me failing a thousand times and getting up to try again. That is me trying different alarm clocks and different reward systems, failing and getting up again.

I didn't used to workout.

After Jamie was born, I went through hell. I didn't want to live anymore. Not only was I dealing with postpartum depression, I was dealing with ghosts from my past, severe inner unhappiness, zero self-worth and more. So my Social Worker told me to start running.

I ran and I ran and I ran .... and I called myself Forrest Gump for quite a while.

Then I found the gym.

So I started going to the gym in the mornings before work. I'd get up at 4:40 and be at the gym by 5, workout for an hour and then go home, kids, work, etc.

Then I found Zumba.

And I added Zumba in to the gym / running mix.

This didn't happen overnight.

It was a progression.

Some days I succeeded and others I failed.


I dusted off my knees, cried my tears, and kept going.

"People say motivation doesn't last - well neither does bathing that's why we recommend it daily." ~Zig Ziglar

Friends - stop wishing for motivation - it won't happen the way you want it.

Instead, set REALISTIC goals for yourself and SHOW THE FUCK UP!

Maybe you commit to 2 workouts per week for 3 weeks.


Maybe you commit to 100oz of water per day.


Maybe you commit to cutting out artificial sweeteners for 3 weeks.


Make it a realistic goal and then SHOW UP!

By showing up regularly, you'll prove you CAN and from there your discipline will grow and THAT my friends is why in 2 short weeks, I've lost the "roll" and am feeling awesome - NOT because I am motivated!

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