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I don't "do" shakes - and here's why ....

I often get told "I don't do shakes" - which to be honest - I LOVE hearing because I don't do them either.

So I'm hoping that many of you are wondering why am I writing this yet at the same time posting what is obviously a "shake" beside it!

I don't "do" shakes because we are not walking around protein deficient. Unless we are lifting in the gym for 2-3 hours a day, our bodies don't need a "protein" shake - they just don't. In fact many of us are walking around with excess protein!

Guess what happens to excess protein?

FAT - that's what happens. Our liver only has the ability to store so much .... so the extra protein gets metabolized and stored as fat - not exactly what we were hoping for is it?

So I drink a nutrient rich shake everyday. This particular one is salted caramel with 8oz of cashew milk and coconut whip on top (trying to get my fat quota in isn't always easy). Not only does this "shake" give me much of the micronutrients I need in a day that can't be found in our food, it gives me digestive enzymes, pre & probiotics that actually make it to our intestines, adaptogens, antioxidants and a little bit of plant based protein.

Quite a few years ago I reacted to a ton of "shakes" out there because I did need something extra as I was teaching up to 15 zumba classes/week. The reactions were scary and got me researching what I was putting in my body! So here are my top tips when you're looking to add something to help your body out:

  • if it is whey based, make sure it's whey protein isolate (NOT concentrate)

  • NO artificial sweeteners (avoid ALL sucralose; stevia is ok because it is from a plant)

  • NO fructose (fructose is linked to increased risk for diabetes & obesity)

  • soluble AND insoluble fibre as our bodies need both

And if you'd like to try my "non-shake" out, please let me know as samples are available! Cheers to a lifetime of good health everyone ..... now drink up!

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