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I am so proud!

Question for you - do you often say that to yourself or about yourself?

My guess is no. Most of us look at our giant "to-do" lists or goals we set and only see the things we missed. Yet at the same time we will tell a friend or our child or even a complete stranger that we are proud of them.

Why is that? Why is it that our brains are wired to love, accept and be proud of others, yet not ourselves.

So it feels really flipping amazing to write "I AM SO PROUD!" I feel it through my entire body and I can't wipe the smile off of my face, nor should I try.

I finished my 21 day cleanse and I did amazing! It was not easy but it was SO incredibly worth it. Not only did I lose 9lbs, I gained mental clarity, energy AND the belief in myself that if I commit to something outside of my comfort zone, I CAN do it!

So today, my friends I want you to something for me. I want you to pick 3 things from your to-do list and do them. Then I want you to look back at that list with those giant checkmarks and say a really loud "BOOYA - I AM a rockstar!"

I can guarantee you that a series of BOOYA days in a row will lead to more self-pride, improved self-confidence, and a happier YOU. Let me know what your BOOYA moments are - I would love to celebrate you too cuz you are a superhero!

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