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How do you want to feel?

Most people when they answer that question will give a list of how they don't want to feel. They will tell me they:

  • don't want to feel tired

  • don't want to feel lazy

  • don't want to feel overwhelmed

  • don't want to feel fat

  • etc, etc, etc,

Guess what happens when we list all of the things that we don't want?

I'm sure hoping you guessed that those exact things are exactly what come to be!!! My great friend and coach and business mentor Nathalie says this is very much like telling a contractor "don't paint my kitchen blue".


If you can easily make that list of don't wants, flip them. Take the 4 items above and try this:

  • I want to feel energized and vibrant

  • I want to feel proud and accomplished

  • I want to feel intentional with my time

  • I want to feel strong and healthy

If I tell myself this every single day, guess what will happen?

Yep - those things I want will start to be etched in my brain and I will show up for me that much more!

My challenge for you today is to make a list of 5-10 things YOU WANT for yourself. Make them crystal clear. And then write those things out every single day. My hope is you can take 5 minutes to write those out every morning for about 3 months (it's not 21 days to make a new habit) and I promise you will start to feel that way!!!

Be sure to message me and let me know - and if you need someone to hold you accountable for it, I'm here for you sister! So excited to see you kick ass and start getting to what you want because YOU DESERVE IT!

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