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Get It, Girl! Quick Tips for Up and Coming Entrepreneurs

by Tina Martin (

At any given time, more than one-third of all small businesses are owned by women. These are

morale-boosting statistics for all of us looking to make a mark in the business world. But as

expected, there are lots of subtle nuances that go into launching your own brand. If you’re just

getting started, you should know there are plenty of small steps you can take now to help your

new company become the success you have already envisioned.

Take care of yourself first.

Does it seem counterproductive to focus on yourself? If so, that’s a great sign that you need to

prioritize self-care. Whether this is learning how to conquer childhood traumas or eat right, life

and fitness coaching from Free To Be can help you get yourself on the right track.

Know your business well, but refine as you go.

No matter what you do, you likely already do it well. No one has to tell you how to do things right

— right now. But no matter how well you know your business, the world is always evolving.

Make a point to stay connected with your customers to find out what, exactly, they want. Get

lots of feedback by asking questions that help you dissect how you can run your business better

by catering to your customers.

Keep your finances organized to prevent problems.

Here’s a big one: staying organized. This is especially crucial as it pertains to your finances. If

you’re not already an accountant by nature, keeping up with things like your cash flow and

expenses can be difficult. And as you grow, it becomes even more important. Invest early in

software that helps you keep your invoices and accounts receivable as error-free as possible.

The right program will import and send invoices with batch processing, which lets you create

multiple invoices — sometimes duplicating the same for different customers. The result is less

time spent on tedious tasks and more energy directed to areas where you are the strongest.

Another thought on finances is to look for funding early on. This might be through angel

investors, personal credit lines, or a business loan. The point is to know where your startup

money comes from so that you aren’t panic-shopping loans when success knocks on the door.

Protect your brand.

You can think of your brand as the face of your company. While people recognize you in your

personal life based on everything from your normal hairstyle to the color of your eyeliner, they

recognize your business by features unique to it. Protect it by first choosing a name that reflects

your offerings and then registering as a business entity.

If you have not named your business, Column Five Media offers several tips on how to do so,

including choosing something meaningful and distinctive and that articulates your brand’s

values and mission. Once you’ve chosen your brand, make sure it stays consistent by setting

guidelines and releasing content that keeps you relevant in the eyes of your current and

potential customers.

Be prepared for success.

We’re taught our entire lives to expect less so that we are never disappointed. It’s time to let go

of this antiquated way of thinking. Believe in yourself, and have a clear vision of the

achievements you’ll enjoy throughout your career. Drop the “I can’t do this” insecurities, and

stop focusing on the negative. Remember: The world is full of silver linings, and it is up to you to

see these to keep the sparkle in your eyes and the determination in your heart. A few other

ways to be ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor are to have a business plan in place and

already own hardware and software that let you do your job effectively while allowing room for


Running a business is the American dream. And it’s one that’s achievable by women of all ages

and in all stages of life. It may not always be easy, but being your own boss will give you the

freedoms and responsibilities to live life on your own terms no matter what those may be.

Becoming a life or fitness coach is a great way to become your own boss. Learn more at Free to


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