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Feeling all the feels ....

is how many of us are living right now - INCLUDING me. I love that in schools self-regulation as well as "social-emotional learning" is a huge part of our curriculum. I've always used the term "messy" with my kiddos - and I think they really appreciate having a word to use when the mess is there!

We are in the midst of a pandemic that is definitely not close to being "over". So going from one of these feelings to another to another in matter of an hour is NORMAL!!!! We need to let ourselves feel - ALL of the feels. The feelings are there to teach us something!

Currently I am experiencing:

  • happiness - I am away on a vacation with my kiddos and I am absolutely LOVING this time away with them

  • gratitude - I have an amazing business I love that is allowing me to be on this vacation as well as follow through on some pretty big dreams / goals with Clarissa

  • anxiety - so many questions going through my head about back to school / work, how I will see my parents in the fall, and and and

  • sadness - I don't want this vacation to end, I don't want summer to end, I'm missing my brother, etc etc etc ...

  • and more

All of these feelings are NORMAL and in the course of even an hour, I may feel all of them - and guess what - that is OK!!!

What I need to be more aware of is what I do with these feelings. THIS is what I am constantly reminding my own kids. It's perfectly normal to feel all of the feelings - it's what we do with these feelings that matter!

Yes we are allowed to be anxious, to be upset, to be scared, to be nervous, to be happy, to be sad, to be grateful - we are allowed all of these and more. WHAT WILL WE DO WITH THESE FEELINGS?

For myself, I have noticed a difficulty getting up in the morning. I just want to sleep. I know exactly how to break this cycle - the important part for me now is to recognize this "tiredness" for what it is (avoiding life, anxiety, sadness) and NOT let this take over. If I let this take over, I can pretty much throw all of my goals out the window. That's the harsh reality of it. It's completely up to me.

So starting today, I will begin listening to the book that helps me so much with mornings AND I will make this a focus in all of my social media. Getting myself back on track with my mornings WILL ease the anxiety, sadness, etc. and allow for more of the happiness, gratitude and more!

If you'd like help with your mornings too, let me know - I can send you some free resources - and in the meantime, allow yourself to feel - just choose wisely what you do with those feelings!

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