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Dream view ....

.... so this wasn't quite my view this morning but it wasn't far away from it! There are 6 of us camping on a beautiful site on a lake and this morning we got up before everyone was awake.

This meant a quiet coffee with the view of the lake, the wind in the trees and ..... silence. It was quite - well how do we say - perfect!

The view in this picture is why I work so hard. I LOVE quiet mornings with coffee and the view of water - it is so good for my soul and I know one day - not very far off - this will be my reality far more often than it currently is.

When we find the things that fuel our soul, we have to work hard to get to those things - the fun part about that though is if you love what you do, it never feels like work!!! So sure I spend an hour or so working today while on "vacation" but an hour to work towards a goal I see so closely in my head is NOTHING in the big picture!!!

What's something that fills YOUR soul???

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