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Do you really understand the importance of hydration?

I shared this in my FitGym this morning. Because hydration is one of the most important life forces. It is something SO simple that will literally change our lives and yet 7% of adults report ZERO WATER INTAKE DAILY!!!

How? How is this possible? Why as a species are we so "intelligent" yet at the same time, so stupid!?

Water is the vehicle for every nutrient, hormone, chemical messenger, enzyme, electrolyte and brain pulse. Being hydrated helps with:

  • digestion

  • keeping our body alkaline rather than acidic

  • removing cellular waste

  • operating our immune system

  • and more

36% of adults said they have 1-3 cups per day, 35% drink 4-7 cups, 22% have the recommended amount. Even the recommended amount (1/2 our body weight in oz) isn't enough.

If we don't get enough water:

  • final result may be cancer and/or hypertension

  • our kidneys are at risk of chronic kidney disease

  • we can't eliminate cellular debris affecting our telomeres which leads to unhealthy aging

  • headaches will haunt us because our brain is 85% water

  • ADHD increases

  • and this is just a taste of the many effects of cellular dehydration!

So get your water in every freaking day! I know how much water affects me and I get teased for always having a water bottle in hand. I'll take the teasing because I'm a happier human when I'm hydrated!

One final tip - if you are drinking distilled water, it is actually pulling the minerals OUT of your cells because water attracts the minerals and should have some minerals occurring naturally in it. So, keep drinking the distilled water, BUT add a pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to your water to ensure you are getting those minerals we need!

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