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did this work for you?

I used to try this ..... in fact, I lived this way for most of my life. I literally "nit-picked" everything I did, wore, said and especially how I looked.

It doesn't work.

The reason it doesn't work is the more I focus on something I don't like, the more that shows up in my life. Call it Murphy's Law or the Ways of the Universe - it's just how things work.

Clarissa and I were chatting last night because today is my "weigh in" and update day after completing my 21 days. When I first started this cleanse, I said 10 pounds .... I'd like to lose 10 pounds. I have battled for 2 years now with watching the numbers go up (slowly) and so 10 pounds felt like a dream. She teased me last night and said "well, if you wanted more, you should have asked for more because the universe is only going to give you those 10 pounds."

And then I found myself regretting teaching her this!

In all honesty though, this isn't about my cleanse. This is about learning to love who we are from the inside out. I'm not saying it's an easy "switch" to make because it isn't. These patterns of negative self-talk (aka "the itty bitty bitchy committee) become very engrained in how we operate and it takes time to step back and really look at who we are as people.

Start with one thing you like about yourself. For me my few things I always go to when I'm struggling are:

* I'm proud I am so driven & motivated

* I'm proud I have patience and stay relatively calm

* I love my hands and my hair

Think of a few things you admire about yourself and start there - self love begins with accepting and celebrating who we are rather than focusing on what we haven't done!

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