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Contact Lenses vs. Jalapeño Peppers

I bet that title has you wondering what I could possibly be talking about ... why Covid-19 or Coronavirus of course - and now you are wondering "hey T - what have you been smoking?" ;)

I heard this great quote the other day that said, "wash your hands like you just cut jalapeño peppers and need to take your contacts out." Hence where my blog title came from.

In all seriousness though, I read another fabulous post where it said just do you. We all walk in different shoes and experience life differently, so however you are feeling about the Coronavirus, just do you and stop worrying about what others are doing! This is not just a lesson on how to deal with a pandemic, it's a lesson in life! Clarissa and I can go watch the same movie and have completely different experiences - yet it's the exact same movie. So imagine how differently everyone is experiencing Covid-19 if we can experience a movie differently?

Perhaps someone has family members they care for who is more susceptible. Perhaps someone has lost a family member or friend to a virus. We never know what that person is going through because we only walk in our own shoes! So if you need to buy extra toilet paper, buy it. Or if you need to wear a mask, wear it. Or if you want to stock up on supplies, get them. Or if you want to do nothing, do it. Just DO YOU!

And for those that are a bit more fearful of going out but would like the opportunity to still workout, I'm your girl! I have free sample workouts I can send your way so that you can stay healthy & strong from the comfort of your own home where you know how "clean" your weights are.

This is Day 7 (left) vs. Day 15 (right) of one of the many programs we have on our fitness platform. And to be honest, I am not looking for huge change - I want to feel strong, I want to feel energize, I want to take care of my body and I want to teach my kids how important self-care is. GUESS WHAT? I get to do all of that from the comfort of my home, on my terms, with or without socks, in PJs, AND I don't waste time at the gym, pay for gas to get there, or even feel lost on what I should do "next".

I used to think of them as "sissy home workouts" .... for many years now though, I've become a home workout junkie and especially now when we are so conscious of spreading germs yet still super mindful that we need to keep our immune systems strong, I am ALL for the home workouts!!

Wanna try one?

I'm just a message away!

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