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Booty, booty, booty, booty ....

.... and I'm not talking about pirate booty!!!

Ok people - I have to shout MYSELF out for this one! This is Day 1 vs. Day 26.

26 workouts .... 26 days of making adjustments .... 26 days of only taking on as much "change" as I could realistically commit too.

I did my measurements today:

  • down 3lbs (and period is about to start, so that's a huge smile)

  • down an inch (grew 1/2 an inch on my arm but lost an 1.5 inches on my waist)

  • and I did this with a full-time back to work commitment during a pandemic using workouts that are long and a bigger commitment than I usually make

So yes, I'm proud of that booty booty booty and I'm proud that I showed up for me!


There is definitely room for improvement.

This also goes to show that all the BS excuses are just that - BS.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day - I teach full-time, coach, teach a Zumba class, and have 3 kids - so life is full. But it comes down to how I want to feel everyday and I want to feel:

  • alive

  • energized

  • vibrant

  • proud

  • strong

How do you want to feel my friends? What would your 5 words be? Reply to this and let me know. Perhaps this could be the beginning of your "booty booty booty too"!!!!

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