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Big News .... We're Very Excited!

As most of you know, Clarissa and I LOVE to travel. It's one of the things we love the most. In March alone we had 3 of our trips cancelled (and yes, I know that so many others did as well - this is not a plea for pity). Not being able to get away though has taken a toll on us.

At home there are always things to "do". Not only that, it's easy to just dismiss a walk, or trip to the store, or sunset at the beach - because we are home and comfortable.

So we decided to make a change - a big change!

This will be our view from time to time until the end of March 2021. Clarissa will be able to come enjoy this a little more often than me, and that's ok. Just to be here though feels like a vacation!

We subletted an apartment downtown (Yaletown for those of you in Vancouver) for 7 months in order to have some "home town vacations". We are around the corner from some amazing markets, some restaurants with outdoor patios (the only way we will go to a restaurant these days), water front walkways, beaches, bike paths, and so much more! We haven't even been here for 24 hours and Maggie has already been for 3 walks! That would never happen at home!

We are both so incredibly thankful that our business - our coaching business of helping others with their fitness, their nutrition, their self-belief, their self-worth, sustainable life skills and more - is able to do this for us!!! In the beginning it was groceries, it was gas, it was laundry detergent, it was trips to Costco, and it was date nights. NOW WE GET A STAYCATION PLACE!!!

Yes we didn't achieve this overnight - there has been a lot of grinding, tears, laughter, talking, strategizing, learning, growing - and we aren't at our goals - yet - but we are constantly working towards them.

It's so exciting to dream a little bigger, to dream more, to know that this WAS possible because of coaching - and if THIS is possible, so is SO MUCH MORE!!!

Cheers to some vacations in our own city meu amor - and here's to adding to those dream boards because now we know that whatever we dream, we can achieve!

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