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21 day cleanse .... .say what?

lunch and dinner options

I have to say, I've learned a ton over the past 11 days of this reset. And I'll get to that in a bit.

Leading up to even contemplating this cleanse, I had so much "itty bitty bitchy committee" commentary going on in my head. On one hand, I knew that for the most part I eat really clean. No fast food, rarely eat chips, occasional sweets or wine, and coffee everyday (with my coffee crap of course).

So I knew that I could EAT CLEAN.

On the other hand, I had this "well, you already eat clean, so why bother start?" or this "you've tried so many things over the past 2 years and your weight just creeps up little by little - it's cuz your aging and hormones, so why even start?"

So it was tough to jump in. BUT I DID. The cleanse itself is simple - tons of mineralized water 30 mins before a meal in combination with a set of vitamins and veggies & fruit with healthy fats. Of course there is more detail than that, but simply put, it's easy to follow along!

The things that have surprised me are:

* an enhanced sense of smell and taste

* how crazily addicted to caffeine I was

* how easy it is to prep food in big batches

* true hunger and how it feels

* how I had programmed myself to have something "sweet" after a meal even if it was "just a date"

I am currently on Day 11 and loving how I am feeling without caffeine, without sugar (other than fruit), without booze and with more and more of an awareness of the fuel my body needs.

Week 1 had me losing 4 pounds and dealing with crazy caffeine withdrawal. Let's see what week 2 will bring my way!

And what I'd love for you to get from this (aside from helping you do a cleanse if you're interested) is to try the things that we think are hard! You never know - you may surprise yourself too!

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