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Kids "working out" .... REALLY???

So as an Elementary School teacher, we have this scheduled time in our day called "Daily Physical Activity". Yes - you read that correctly. Our youth have become so sedentary and our gym time is so limited that we actually need to schedule in "daily activity"!!! Anyways, that's a different can of worms than what I'm talking about today! ;)

At school (I teach a grade 4/5 split on Fridays) we often go on YouTube and do "Just Dance" videos as part of our DPA. Usually we have a ton of fun and I think my Zumba influence here has paid off a little that the kids LOVE to dance.The past few weeks of pulling up the videos, I've had kids ask to go for a "run" which then turns into a meandering stroll. So today I tried something different!

Being that I am also a Coach with Beachbody, I opened up my Beachbody on Demand and went to the "Kids/Families" section. We did a quick 11 minute video with Tony Horton (Double Time - "Recess") and it was SOOOO much fun that they asked for more. They were sweating an working and trying new movements and literally begging me for more!

So we went on to Shaun T. I was looking for short clips in the Kids/Family section because I didn't think they would want anything longer. I came across a short Hip Hop Abs snipped so we gave that a shot. Then they asked for more and HARDER.

So we went to another Shaun T program that doesn't require any equipment and I pushed play. I have NEVER been so amazed to see my 9, 10, and 11 year old students WORKING OUT! I know there is a ton of "hype" about proper form and ensuring we aren't setting them up for injury ..... but we really won't ever know what they are capable of and more importantly what they ENJOY if we don't let them try it.

I always express how grateful I am for the coaching opportunity and how it landed in my life at the exact time I needed it most. I am grateful for the growth I have experienced, for my strength, for the travel opportunities, for the ability to create financial and time freedom in my life, for the connections with such amazing women .... SO MANY things! Today I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for the opportunity to expose my students, students who do not work out or have fitness in their lives on a regular basis, to fitness that they can do at home (or school or park or ....).

Fitness really can be for everyone - and if it's something you're looking to add to your life or your families life, I hope you'll keep me in mind!!! I know my kiddos and now my students love it - perhaps you will too?!

<3 T

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