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I'm sick and tired of the BS......

and the best part of this statement is that the BS is the stuff I say to MYSELF! I don't know about you, but in my experience we are so loving and kind to others and yet, almost all of what we say to ourselves is negative.


If we talked to our friends the way we talk to ourselves, we wouldn't have any friends!! Did you know that over 70% of what we say to ourselves is negative and that over 85% of that is repeated from the day before? WE ARE CONSTANTLY GETTING IN OUR OWN WAY!

I'm being super honest here when I say that part of why I have struggled to help my team reach the goals they have set for themselves is that I didn't fully believe in myself as a leader. I showed up for myself every day, I challenged myself and my clients with goals, and I have always been there for my team in any way I can help. But the true belief in me and my ability as a leader was not there.


And again I was figuratively hit with a ton of bricks. Yes - I didn't feel worthy of my team OR myself as a leader. Now that I have realized what was in my own freaking way (and that it's all BS in my head), I am on FIRE and ready to take my team to the TOP!

Team FreeToBe is on a mission .... a mission of changing lives STARTING WITH OUR OWN! And I couldn't be happier and more proud than I am to have such amazing women on our team. I am so grateful for this journey because I am constantly learning how to be my best, constantly removing the limiting beliefs I uncover, and constantly helping others on their own journey to their best life!

Watch out peeps - we are on Fire! As one of my most favourite Education Assistants used to sing to me, "THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!"

I hope you all find your fire too!

<3 T

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