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The reality of saying, "I get to see my babies today!"

Having been separated for over 4 years, I recently had someone say to me "Oh, life must be so much easier for you because you get 'breaks" from your kids". I honestly did not know how to reply to this statement.

Never in a million years would I have wished or dreamed of separating .... I wanted our relationship to last forever just like all couples do when they first start out. That however, was not our reality and so we move forward. To say that my life is "easier" or "simpler" is just not true. Yes, I get "breaks from my kids" - but honestly, does a parent EVER have a break from their kids? Do we stop thinking about them? Wondering how they are? Wondering what they are doing? Wondering if we are doing the right things for them? Wondering if they are happy? Knowing that my Mom and Dad still wonder those things about my brother and I, I know for darn sure that we never get "breaks" from our kids!

The reality for me and probably many other single parents out there is that because I only have my kids 1/2 of the time, I do EVERYTHING I possibly can in the days I don't have them to ensure I am fully present for them when I do. Can you imagine how exhausting that can be? I remember times when we all lived together and I was able to have "breaks" to just do the regular things of life - haircuts, nail appointments, massages, grocery store, cleaning, meal prep, etc. Now I do the best I can to jam all of those things in to my "off" time so that I get to enjoy my kids when I do have them - and I am fairly certain I am not alone in that!

So even though I have not seen my babies in a week - it has been a week packed with getting shit done so that I can spend some QT with my 3 beautiful babies starting TODAY! I am so excited to hug and kiss all three of them and hear how their ski trip was. I am so excited to tuck them in to bed and rub their backs (yes, my 14 year old still loves this and my boy still gives his Mama kisses). I am so excited for a week of lazy mornings with them in their PJs and movies and popcorn and some adventures in the city.

I GET TO SEE MY BABIES TODAY and I will be sure to make the very best of this next couple of weeks with them! I hope you find time to enjoy your babies as well!

<3 T

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