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The freedom to say ..... "I miss you".

Where do I start? For the last 8+ years I have been on a journey to my freedom - hence my "freetobe". To look back and see how woven in to my past I was is awesome and inspiring .... even for me! To know that freedom for all of us is possible and to help others with that freedom has become my entire purpose in life. It definitely hasn't been easy - worth it YES, easy NO!

Almost 5 years ago, my life changed immensely ..... and even though I had become more free than I ever was before, I still wasn't entirely ME.

Out of respect for my girl and her family and because we were building a business on social media, we kept our relationship "secret". I put in quotation marks because I'm 99% certain that most people knew. What I never imagined was the drag and pull this would have for me away from freedom.

In the fall of 2017, I finally said - "enough is enough - everyone knows - let's just be us!" To which I had to answer many questions involving affectionate photos, how this would affect business, who would be impacted, etc. But we did it anyways and I AM SO HAPPY we did!

For the first time in our relationship, I can freely write "I MISS YOU!" without overthinking it! I can share when she makes me breakfast or dinner (cuz she's one heck of an amazing cook) and I can take AND POST a photo where I am standing super close!

It truly is amazing what happens when we take the "walls" down .... our brain is always trying to protect us (it's #1 priority) so we heard things like "our business will fail, people will hate us, my family will disown me, my kids will be negatively affected, etc." and NONE of that has come to be. It has only been the opposite - community, support, love, and best of all - just the ease and simplicity of "being"!

So meu amor - I miss you. I hope you are having a fabulous time so far on the ship and I can't wait to pick you up when you get back .... plus a few days later, we head to Mexico together, so life is pretty darn good.

Now go be YOUR "freetobe" - you will be forever grateful you made that decision!

<3 T

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