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Do your Weekends affect your Goals?

It's Friday .... and for many that means getting together with friends, wine with a spouse or partner, busy weekends full of soccer, gymnastics, hockey, dance, etc. So what happens to your wellness goals? What happens to the progress that you made for the first 4 days of the week? Does Friday mean FriYAY in terms of celebrating but FriNAY in terms of YOU?

I totally get it ... believe me! I did a live video on Instagram yesterday where I shared how I was completely FRIED organizing my weekend BEFORE the weekend had even started! That's crazy talk - but it's a reality! With 3 kids either working or in activities, the focus on ME can easily be dragged away in order to focus on them.

Then what happens? What happens if I hit the drive through, or I skip my workouts? What happens if I drink the weekend away with friends?

I know what happens - I feel like shit when Sunday evening rolls around and my Monday becomes a fight instead of a flow into a fantastic week.

One of the things I have been working with my Fit BFF group so much is the focus on what we WANT! All too often we can list off the things we don't want ... and guess what our brain hears AND THEN makes happen??? Yep - that's right - all the things we don't want.

If I know I WANT my week ahead to flow nicely, and I want to feel energetic and happy with myself at the end of a weekend, then I know I have to commit to me during the rush of the weekend! This isn't always easy and sometimes sleep is sacrificed - but in the end, the result gets me where I WANT to be!

I've attached a few tips for all of you on how you too can ENJOY your weekend and feel FANTASTIC come Monday morning!!! I hope they help and I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend!

<3 T

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