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Turn the mood around ..... did you sing?

To be completely honest, I have struggled the past few days .... I am emotionally raw & drained. Yet at the same time, I have really taken care of me, so I needed to share because THIS IS HUGE! What's even more ironic is that at this time, I have been running a FREE Week of Self-Love with an amazing group of women. How amazing has it been to go through my own "roller coaster" of emotions, drink my own "kool-aid" and make the best of this amazing week!

One of the things that I shared with the ladies today was a way to plan our days in order to fit in time for ourselves AND how to celebrate our accomplishments each and every day (because some days we deserve a medal for making it through the day). I'd like to share these with you as well!

All too often we make these giant "to-do" lists and become overwhelmed because not everything gets done on the list, yet the list keeps growing and growing and growing. What we forget to do is remember all of the AMAZINGNESS that we accomplish in one single day!

Just by taking these small steps, we can take some more control of our time and build ourselves up rather than do the opposite which is what we do so very easily!

So cheers to a fresh start this week and I hope you find these "planning & tracking" sheets helpful!

<3 T



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