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Help ..... I'm in a Friday Funk!

I seriously love that I can make myself laugh .... I started writing about being in a "Friday Funk", so I did a google search for images.

I dare you - go try it!

Once you do, you'll promptly be singing "Celebrate good times tonight .... it's a celebration!"

So there's part of my "lesson" for myself - find the humour or FUN in order to lighten whatever it is that is taking place for us!

I am absolutely LOVING the free Week of Self-Love group I am running .... I know that over the years of kind of finding my way, I have learned a ton and developed skills that I didn't even know were skills. It's been such an amazing week to be able to challenge myself in such a way to be able to share with a brand new group of women!

That being said, I am far from perfect! I am currently "having one of those moments" where I want to shut down and disappear ...... where it would be easy to go back to habits that do not serve me. I know how terrible it feels to be there, so here is what I will do instead:

1) Acknowledge how I am feeling: "Hello sadness .... why are you here?" It may be hormones (yes, too much information for some, but it's true. It may be missing someone special. It may be a sadness of not understanding. All of those are currently relevant for me, so now I am aware of them.

2) Ask myself: "What lesson am I learning here?" For today, I am learning a few. I am learning that I am a bit physically drained. I am also learning that my heart is a bit heavy.

3) Plan something to switch gears: I know I am physically drained, so I will ensure I eat well today AND drink enough water. I will spend some QT with people I love so that my heart will feel lighter. Finally, I will get enough sleep tonight!

4) THANK THE FEELING: "Thank you sadness for teaching me to take the time to eat well, get enough rest, AND spend time with someone I love."

I hope those tips may help you if you have a "Friday Funk" and if all else fails, google something funny and believe me, you'll be laughing in no time!!

Have a great weekend all!

<3 T

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