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Have you experienced this before?

I have to be honest - I am insanely curious and intrigued why sticking to a fitness and nutrition routine can be a struggle for most. For me, I have to give credit to emotions and feelings ..... I know how I feel when I workout and when I don't so working out will always win. I also know how I feel when I eat crap and when I eat well so eating well wins 99% of the time.

Why is this not the case for so many though? I don't believe there is anything "special" or "unique" about me that makes this different, so I began asking WHY?!

I have been great friends with Nathalie for a few years now and I have been fascinated about her work since the day I met her. I feel truly blessed that she has welcomed me to her Think Yourself Academy and that she is allowing me to share her vision because what I have realized is that this has ALWAYS been in me!

I do not workout and struggle through it.

I do not workout and feel pain.

When I am sore the next day, I am thankful for the sore because my muscles are growing.

These are the reasons why working out and eating well win for me.

THE REALITY IS though that MOST of us are exposed to language that has us "failing" at our workouts before they even start! We are told workouts are "hard" and to push through the "pain". We are given language that has us failing before we even start.

The workshops we host are NOT just for personal trainers or fitness specialists - they are for ALL of us who want to learn how to program ourselves to realize that taking care of our bodies can and IS fun!

I hope you enjoy the video and look forward to sharing with you all of the "language" tweaks I can possibly come up with!

<3 T

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