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SMonday.....but does it have to be?

It's a Sunday evening and when I think back to my Sunday evenings 4 years ago, I can't believe how different they feel. I remember staying up late on a Sunday just to draw out my weekend and then I would end up starting the week dragging instead of rested! The only thing that got me through the week was Zumba and the thought of wine on a Friday evening (either solo or with friends).

Life now is SOOO different. I was searching for a Sunday or Monday quote and couldn't resist taking a screen shot of all of the pics I found. Everywhere, all of the information we receive is about dreading our Mondays and how even on Sunday, we can't enjoy to the fullest because Monday is looming just around the corner. How is this a healthy way to live?

I think then the question becomes, do we enjoy what we do? Are we truly happy in our lives? If we are happy and love what we do and whom we do it with (snicker snicker...I got that one), then a Monday is just a day to enjoy life like every other day! So how do we get to that stage? How do we get to the point in life that we truly enjoy ALL of our days? I have a few tips!!!

1) Truly assess if you are happy in your job. I am NOT saying to quit and just take your chances in life, especially if you have a family to take care of. Rather look inside and ask yourself if the career you have chosen (or ended up in) is fulfilling you. We all deserve to be happy - we only have one chance - and if there is the possibility of you being happier elsewhere, perhaps it's time to start making steps towards that?!

2) Make yourself a priority in your own life. I know that for busy Mamas, we are sooooo talented at taking care of others yet have "Mama Guilt" when it comes to carving out the time for ourselves. Perhaps because we are usually working full-time jobs, there comes this notion that our time is already used up. Remember, in an airplane emergency we have to put our OWN masks on first!!! Take care of you so that you can then take care of your families!

3) Start journaling. This should NOT feel like a "to-do" list. We are very talented at picking apart the things we don't get to or messed up on. We are not very skilled at celebrating our successes! Why is this? Look back at your day today and rather than think of all of the things you didn't get to, think of all of the things you did well!! Perhaps like me you managed to clean your shower, do some laundry, workout, eat clean, feed your family well, enjoy your daughter's soccer game, be a mom-taxi for a bit and so much write that down!!! Celebrate your successes as much as you can. In your journal, I also encourage you to write down what you are grateful for. By living life in a state of gratitude, more positivity comes our way - it's just a fact - positive energy attracts positive energy! It is also so much easier to have a fantastic day when you start each day with a grateful heart and end each day with a grateful heart!

These are all things that I have learned to do and that have helped me SO much over the past few years! If you'd like a chance to learn even more about how we can prevent our Sunday from becoming a Monday, you are more than welcome to join our free group on Wednesday (link below).

Sending love and light,


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