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Not another "Manic Monday"....., be honest! Who just started singing? Usually when I think of Monday, that song pops in to my head .... and then usually I start laughing and someone around me says, "NOOOOO - not again"!!!

As a busy Mama, do you often suffer from the Monday blues? I know all too well how these feel and I definitely have some tips and tricks to help relieve your stress so that you too can enjoy your Monday!!!

#1 - FOOD - I despise thinking of what to make. If someone tells me what to make, I am good to go. So, in order to make my weekly food "relationship" (I despise it so much I would probably eat the same thing over and over again everyday just to avoid thinking about what to make), I sit down with the kids every Wednesday and create a week plan. I choose Wednesday as that is my grocery shopping day. So after I've made the trip to the grocery store, I plan out the following week (like 2 weeks in advance). This allows me to have exactly what I need in the house for all of the planned meals.

#2 - SCRAP THE TO-DO LIST - There will always be 2-3 things that are a HUGE priority each day. The rest of the stuff will get done. So rather than just keeping a "to-do" list, keep a "to-do" AND a "have done" list! The never ending to-do list just tells our brains over and over again that we have so much to do yet we are incapable of doing it all. Keeping a "have done" list reminds our brain that we are pretty freaking AMAZING and need to celebrate that WAYYYY more often!

#3 - BE AWARE OF WHAT I AM ASKING FOR - If I check the weather and it says, 20% chance of showers, I will be anticipating those rain showers all day. On the other hand, if I look for 80% chance of sunshine, my brain won't even notice or remember the few clouds! It's all in what we ask for!!! So on a busy Monday morning if you want to feel alive and energized, focus on "alive and energized" - by being intentional with our thoughts, we will find ourselves receiving EXACTLY what we ask for (even if it was tired, lazy, etc...)

#4 - KEEP AN "I AM AWESOME" LIST - Better yet, keep one for all of your family members and update it daily!!! We are all doing our best and are often way too hard on ourselves, so be kind and have an amazing week ahead!

<3 T

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