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Chocolate or Chocolate?

This eating clean thing can be REALLY hard. There are so many temptations out there and sometimes, I'm just tired. I am guessing I am not the only parent out there that is just annoyed by meal planning. It's not even the prep that gets to me, or the cooking for that matter, it's the planning! Having that terrific idea (or even just quick idea that you didn't eat the past 3 nights in a row), making sure you have the ingredients, and then executing that plan.

Anyways, I didn't start this blog to rant about the monotonous routines of parenting. I rather wrote it about being tempted. I often get tempted by chocolate (my downfall) when I'm tired, rundown, emotional, or you know, at a certain time of the month.

I know I did a video a while back about "those darn little balls" (yes, insert giggle here) but they are my biggest downfall. I've been known to polish off a bag of these (the big costco bag) in 3 days. Yep - 3 days. So when I found Shakeology and could get my chocolate fix in while loading my body with dense nutrients, I was blown away.

I always thought I would just be a chocoholic and that I would have to come to terms with that. I always thought I'd have stashes of little chocolate balls in my zumba pants pockets. Now I am able to get my sweet tooth taken care of without the guilt of those darn little balls. It's like a win-win situation!!!

Do you also have a hard time with chocolate or sweet cravings? If this is you as well, know you are not alone and maybe Shakeology can be your little life saver too - all it takes is a "hey Tamara, about that Shakeology thing...."

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