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Seriously .... chocolate and fries!

So .... as I have now been officially in the fitness industry for over 5 years AND coaching for over 2, I am still bewildered by my kids' choices when it comes to food. I don't want to be a nag. I just don't. I want to buy the food that I know is good for them, and that they will - then I want them to make good choices for their bodies.

So WHY does it still feel like a fight?

Granted, my oldest is now making MUCH better choices IF it's a weekend or she is off school. On school days she often heads off with nothing in her belly and nothing in her bag. I do remember not eating until much later when I was in High School, so I'm not sure I can comment too much. She will then eat pretty much non-stop (usually good choices) until bedtime. She definitely has more of an awareness.

But my youngest 2 - NO SUCH LUCK!!! I feel like it's a constant battle with them to THINK about what they are putting in their bodies. The part that is so upsetting for me is that my peanut used to eat so well! She was the fruit and veggie eater in our household. Now she's discovered what her brother has known for a while - sweets taste good!

My struggle now has become to find the balance between saying no, reminding them what our bodies need, and not coming across as a nag. I'm sure I'm not the only one else out there who is in the same boat! I've even made charts of what is to be included in a lunch = protein x2, veggie, fruit and something "carb" (bread, crackers, etc.)

Oh the joys (and pains) of parenting! Hopefully by modelling what a healthy diet looks like, working out, and talking about health, nutrition, and fitness, my kids will also start doing the same without it becoming something obsessive!

Sending <3 to all!


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