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New Solutions NOT Resolutions!

As the New Year is closing in on us, I know for many we are thinking about what we want to accomplish in 2017 and reflecting on how our 2016 went. I am trying something new this year. Of course I want to accomplish some major goals this year and those will be my BIG goals. I am also going to break down my BIG goals into small, measurable, attainable, reachable, tangible goals! In my experience, resolutions DON'T work. Here is why......

We make a list of all of the things that we want to accomplish in the year, before summer, maybe even in the next month. Then we make plans that are just unrealistic and completely set us up for failure rather than success. WHY would we self-sabotage when we actually have some pretty kick-ass goals that are totally do-able? The answer is simple - we don't know how to break them down.

Take fitness for example. Yes, I know all of you are shocked to read a blog post by me about fitness (insert sarcasm here)...!! I'm fairly certain that the majority of us want to FEEL great. I'm also fairly certain that most of us want to have energy, be good role models for our kids, be able to chase our kids around (or even just keep up with them), and just have the energy to feel good every single day. So why would we then make a New Year's "resolution" to go to the gym 7 days a week for an hour a day? There is no difference from this than quitting smoking cold turkey and when I watched my mom go through that, I wouldn't wish that suffering on ANYone!!!!

Resolutions don't work because we are remiss in taking the time to reverse engineer those goals in order to MAKE THEM HAPPEN!!! If you want to feel better, and you are speaking to yourself every day about feeling better in a positive way, make realistic and achievable goals. Perhaps you set a goal of 3 times per week at your local gym. Perhaps you and a friend decide to start running together 3 times per week. Perhaps you join my Challenge group and try 30 minutes per day (hahaha - did you like my plug?). These goals are simple and achievable.

If you write the dates on your calendar, make a commitment to yourself like you do to your dentist, those small goals will help you reach your BIG goals!!! You will find yourself smiling when you look at what you have accomplished instead of beating yourself up for not going like you said you would (because as we ALL know, LIFE happens too). This "self-beat-up" then leads to "I can't do it" which then leads to giving up all together, which then leads to eating crappy food and so on. Make this YOUR year and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

I truly wish you find New Solutions to help you reach your big goals for 2017 and if you need any help along the way, I am here for you!!!

Sending love, big hugs, and best wishes for an amazing year ahead!!!

<3 Tamara (&Clarissa)

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