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It's a NEW WEEK ......

and how did the first few hours go for you? Did you eat well today? Did you get enough sleep? Did you drink water? Did you, did you, did you....

I know for some of you out there, you may find my posts ANNOYING and way too perfect. So be it; for some they may be! If you know or have met me, you will quickly realize that I am just perfectly me! I am a constant work in progress and for that I am super proud! I have also found something that WORKS for sooooo many different people, so I will until the end of time be reminding you all that you are worth it and give you tips for how to take care of YOU!

We had the pleasure of watching one of our amazing friends speak at an event on Sunday and she gave me goosebumps with one simple sentence ..... "If we spoke to our friends how we speak to ourselves, we wouldn't have any friends." Why is this the case? Why are we so hard on ourselves, then work on our goals only to sabotage our hard work?

Take it day by day - one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time and you will get there! In the meantime, you will have me cheering you on here on the sidelines, offering you chances to join our events, and helping you along the way!!!

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