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Heading into the Weekend!

When TGIF hits, what is your first reaction? Are you so beyond excited to unwind with a glass of wine? Has that popcorn that was in your cupboard all week been calling your name? Are you just looking forward to sleep-in time? We all have our "things" when it comes to our down time; what happens for most then though is we spend Monday and Tuesday breaking the weekend "hangover" only to find us on Wednesday wondering why we missed 2 workouts already, or how we've managed to hit the drive through already and the week has just begun.

As we approach the weekend, it is super important that we set ourselves up for SUCCESS! This does not mean a military regime when it comes to food, drink and rest. It does however mean, that there are certain things we can do to ensure we start each week feeling accomplished and successful when it comes to reaching our health & fitness goals!

Here are our top 10 tips that have helped us enjoy amazing weekends and still feel great on a Monday morning. Have a great weekend everyone!

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