• Tamara

So hard to SAY NO!

Do you say no? Do you have a hard time setting boundaries that ensure you take care of you? I know for me it is nearly impossible......tonight however, I was successful! For the past few weeks I have been struggling with some serious shoulder blade/back rib cage pain. I have been to chiro and massage and it is definitely on the mend. I am spending time on my foam roller and trying to use the heat pad. At times I feel like I am all better and then BOOM, it hurts again and it is really not fun to work in pain.

Tonight I was supposed to teach Zumba and I actually said no.... As hard as it is to not visit my AMAZING Zumba Family, I just couldn't do it tonight. I know my body will thank me for the break, my heart is sad to "say no" though. I hope my Zumba ladies had a blast tonight (I'm sure they did, I actually have no doubt about it), I just missed their smiles, their laughter, their "woohoos". Until next week my Zumba Family.....<3

What do you do when you have to say NO? How do you feel when you can't and so badly want to?

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