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What Happened to January?

It is the 20th of is the 20th of is SAY WHAT??? I don't even know what happened to this past month. Each night I go to bed with new resolve that tomorrow will be the day that I get up with my alarm - my alarm that says "wake up and get shit done" and each day I push snooze begging for those few extra minutes of sleep. Why? What is going on this month that I am in shock and disbelief that it is in fact a NEW YEAR and the first month of the this new year is almost OVER!!!! I promised myself a 365 page (366 this year), 12 chapter book I am to be proud of this year........not saying I haven't accomplished anything and that I have sat idly on my ass watching the time slip by, but I seriously don't know where the time went.

So - here is the reason for my rant. If I feel this way, I'm sure I am not alone! Will you help me hold myself accountable to this AMAZING NEW YEAR? Perhaps you can check in, as I can with you, to help each other stay accountable to our goals? Perhaps you are awake early in the morning and will send me a "wake up and get shit done text".....who knows, but I'm sure we can help eachother kick some serious ass this year!

My goals this year are simple ones:

- up by 5:30 on weekdays

- workout before noon

- drink my shake every freaking day

- listen to personal development for minimum 10 minutes per day

- read a good book

- meditate

- take lots of pictures


What are your goals for 2016? What can I help you with?

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