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A Gift of Meditation

I'll be honest, the past few weeks have not been easy ones for me. And I'll be honest again, I know I'm not the only person who feels this way. All too often when we are sad, depressed, stressed to the max, etc. we isolate ourselves and end up feeling even more alone. What we forget in this "aloneness" is that if we are brave and simply just take that first step to reach out, others are also feeling alone. We do not have to be on this journey alone, ever.

I had the very good fortune on Saturday night to be invited to 3 different functions. Luckily for me and my kids, all 3 functions were relatively close to each other (albeit far from our home), so we managed to hop from one to the other and enjoy our time at each home! After an amazing conversation (even without wine as I was worried about the distance to get home and didn't want to risk being tipsy), I was curious about her recent journey with meditation. I have always been curious as my mind is my worst enemy (sometimes non-stop at what feels like 150 mph) and her experience sounded amazing. My plan when I got home was to look into it a little bit and see if it was something I could do for myself in the new year.

Little did I know, but my friend had a plan of her own! I woke up yesterday morning to a heartwarming "thank you for coming" as well as "I sent you a gift". I had no idea what she was talking about until I opened my email and saw "Krista has given you the gift of meditation". WHAT? WOW? And so the journey shall begin in 2015 instead of waiting until the new year.

I did my first meditation session this morning and it was wonderful. I focused on my breathing and my mantra for today - "My beliefs enhance my life". I am so excited for tomorrow's session and may just even be motivated enough to try some stretching before bed tonight. It truly is amazing how our perspectives can shift when we actually take the time to look after ourselves!

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