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  • Tamara

Finding it Hard to Push Play

Today was just one of those days that before I knew it, it was over. I know that we all have these days and that as long as these days don't outweight the good, powerful, productive days, all is exactly as it should be! It is truly amazing to me however, how quickly our thoughts about ourselves turn negative. This is something I struggled with a great deal even up to 3 years ago. I am now much more aware and able to self- regulate much better than I used to.

That being said, today was not a day to push play for me. Have you had these? And then they sprial out of control into something so much bigger than is necessary. What we have to remember in these moments is that it's OK to have a difficult or even mediocre day. What is not ok is to let these days far ouweigh our productive and good days!!!

Remember - "you are bigger than the fight" as you always have been!

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