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Video #1 - welcome - we are so excited to have you join us on this amazing journey. You will have received a few emails:

  • A generic beachbody email

  • a welcome email from us with our new coach pdf & our step by step fit guide

  • an invite to our bod group (this is our accountability group)

Video #2 - start here because no matter where you are on your journey, you want to understand our programs, how they are structured, how they will help you & your clients/coaches, and where to access the nutrition plans.

  • did you join our bod group (separate email)?

  • did you join our facebook accountability group (not mandatory)

Video #3 - we are always there for you:

  • ​whatsapp chat with all coaches - please message me there 

  • please add and to your email address book

  • complete your why because your why will get you through the excuses, the moments when life happens, etc.

Video #4 - our coach office and some beginning basics

  • please complete the about me form

Video #5 - training & mentorship - here are the groups and universities you have access to

  • Monday = national wakeup call in tbb coach facebook page

  • Monday = team call (link will be provided)

  • Tuesday = team call (in Empower Squad hub)

  • Saturday = team workout (link in both hubs)

  • Sunday = informal hangout to ask questions, etc.

Video #6 - emerald, success club and moving forward in this biz!

  • remember to invite those we want to travel with

  • fill out this list and keep adding to it!

Video #7 - miscellaneous extras and booking a call with us:

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