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Welcome to Team FreeToBe, ladies!! This is our "New Coach" training!


This video is ALL about getting to know YOU!! What makes you tick, what fuels you, who are you? Why will you never back down and let life defeat you? Once you have checked out the video, please complete the About Me Form and submit it to us. This way we will know how to best communicate with you but ALSO we will have an idea of how to recognize YOU when you start crushing your goals! Thank you again for taking that leap of faith and joining Team FreeToBe on our mission of “Empowering women to live their happiest, healthiest lives possible.”

DAY 1: The most common feedback we get from new coaches is that the process of getting started is overwhelming. Even as a vet, it can feel like there are a million things to focus on… but the truth is, at the end of the day, while there is a lot to KNOW, there is only ONE metric we need worry about. Check out today’s video to find out WHICH! 😉


Check out the link to Cim Carver’s training on the back office referenced in the video.


The worksheet is also available for you alongside the business quick start guide.

DAY 2: A while back, the most effective coaches in our business were quizzed on what were the MAIN tasks they all performed day in & day out that made them so darn good at producing results. Today, we’re going to go over 2 of the 3 vital behaviors to success as a coach and will be setting you up for engaging in the 3rd as well. Brace yourself, this one stands to push you a little bit outside of your comfort zone… but we urge you to find the courage to execute these activities knowing that it’s all part of the process for accomplishing the goals you set for yourself in this business. Please check out the worksheet with the referenced examples and some templates for you to get inspired by! Once you have gone public, share a screenshot of your going public post in the team group or via email/messenger for accountability! <3

DAY 3: When you think about the third vital behavior; “invite, invite, invite” - does something feel a little off from that? We personally think it sounds aggressive, almost reckless. That’s not to discount its intent 100% as a coach, if you’re not inviting, you’re missing the boat - but let’s break it down in to 3 sub-categories. Add value, connect, INVITE. Day three tasks exemplifies this process in action - you inspire people through a social media post (add value), you connect with them (thank you messages) and lastly, you invite them (if the conversations leads to that).

The key now is to do this CONSISTENTLY. So today’s task revolves around treating social media as your platform for adding value to peoples lives CONSISTENTLY and giving you an opportunity to connect with an UNLIMITED amount of people! We’ll talk about how to stay entertaining and how to continuously generate fun and interesting content so that people want to connect with YOU
So without further ado, today’s lesson: treating social media as your store front!

DAY 4: Today’s lesson is on inviting! Yes, that is an uncomfortable part of the business for many of us … including us at first… but let us give you the best advice we can think of before starting this lesson; GET OVER IT. Nothing special EVER happens in your comfort zone & the benefit you stand to provide others is absolutely mind blowing, if you can get out of your head and find the courage to bring this forward to those that need it.

When we first started, we didn’t really invite anybody to join us in this fitness journey. The reason is we were afraid to alienate people by coming off salesy. Once we finally got the courage to invite, we hit success club and helped the people we loved the most get amazing results in their fitness, including Clarissa’s sister, who was going to go for plastic surgery! 
Our point is; Inviting a vital part of building a business, yes, but more importantly, it is a vital part of adding real value to the lives of the people around us. We have a gift that can dramatically improve people’s lives.

DAY 5:  Why is Beachbody THE BEST business EVER - we can think of a dozen reasons!


We represent something REAL. Our philosophies are SOUND. Our success is EXCLUSIVELY dependent on our ability to help OTHER people succeed And finally, our purpose as coaches expands beyond inspiring people to get started… our job truly kicks in when the individual has purchased his or her plan and is ready to commit to their program.


You see - we always stress that this isn’t a sales gig, because it isn’t. You are NOT a successful coach if you focus your attention on selling programs and working for the commissions. You are a successful coach when you help somebody FALL IN LOVE with our community & our solutions. You are a successful coach when you introduce somebody to a lifestyle change that they can’t help but want to pay forward. The BEST way to accomplish that is to run an awesome challenge group. Simple as that!


Over the past few trainings, we’ve discussed the concept of a challenge group … how to invite to it, how to talk about it on social media… now it’s time to have the rubber meet the road and open your group. What we want to stress is that challenge groups are NOT daunting. If you are attentive and present in your group, you will have a successful challenge group. Follow the steps outlined in this video and you’ll have no issues opening and starting a rocking challenge group. Be sure to send us a screenshot of your opened challenge group! ❤

DAY 6: Why is coaching so fulfilling? Because it’s HARD. Convincing somebody to take a magic pill to get healthy & fit is easy - convincing somebody to sweat, work hard and make something a part of their lifestyle is HARD. We took this route because we don’t back down from hard. We identify with the fact that we represent the REAL solution and we advocate for it with intensity & passion. So, when somebody objects to our offer and we sense it’s coming from a place of fear - it is our DUTY to seek to overcome that objection. Today’s lesson - overcoming objections.

DAY 7: Today’s topic - Call to Actions!!!! Meaning a post where we raise our hands and offer people an opportunity to connect with us on what we’ve been sharing over the past few days.

If you’ve been consistent in posting on social media, this can be a great way to generate new conversations or revive old ones.

Rather than make this caption all about Call to Actions and their importance, let us stress the MOST vital factor for us to remember: through a call to action, our goal is not to sell a product or a service, our goal is to create connections with parties directly interested in learning more about our offering.

DAY 8: Now what?! You’ve posted your call to actions - maybe got a few likes and possibly even some comments / messages! This module is dedicated to sharing how showing a genuine interest in the individual and NOT rushing the process can lead to inspiring somebody to believe in themselves and furthermore invest in themselves with YOU! ❤

DAY 9: Going Emerald - The concept of growing your team may still feel scary or maybe being something you’re “not ready to do” … but if you have ANY intent on being successful and creating a fruitful business through coaching, why delay the inevitable? Emerald is the very first milestone alongside Success Club that is of major importance in your business.

Simply put, Emerald involves adding 2 coaches to your team. It serves you from a business standpoint in that becoming Emerald activates your business center; meaning, you will start to generate residual income through team cycle bonus & Beachbody will send you additional customer leads. It also serves you from a personal standpoint, because it is a milestone that commits you to your business. You no longer have one toe in the water, you have people on your team … and whether they’re placeholders (no intent on working the business) or business builders, you’ve made a clear statement to those around you & to your upline that you’re not here as a hobby. You’re for real.

So, today… we draw that line in the sand and decide – are you still waiting to see if this is real? Or are YOU for real? Making the decision that I would be in the latter category was a life changer for us. Share with us how you plan on making it happen and if you’re already emerald, tell us how you made it happen!​

DAY 10: Today’s training is on TRACKING YOUR CONVERSATIONS.

We remember a time where we would spend hours on a Monday following up with everybody we had ever contacted in our tenure as a coach. We would simply send them a “hey, how’s your summer going” type message to reopen our lines of communication. The result of doing such an activity was HUGE for expanding our networks and creating a more meaningful connection with the people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

This strategy would have NEVER been possible if we didn’t have a tracking system for the people we’ve spoken to and when + through which medium. Our tracking systems served us in so many ways which is why we think it’s important that we talk about how you can implement one for your growing contact sheets as well. Today’s training will cover how you can go about being a TRUE professional by never letting a conversation slip through the cracks and never abandon an individual who might need our help.

DAY 11: Social Media!!

Today we want to share with you EXACTLY HOW we brand and found our way on social media.

Share with us  YOUR newest post from today/ tomorrow based on the REMIX strategy !!


We'd LOVE to know who's got their FOCUS set on hitting EMERALD this week !!??

Day 12: It can sometimes be hard to convey our passion or quite frankly the value of coaching through e-mails, Facebook messages or IG DMs. That’s where as coaches, we have to get creative and identify with ways where people can SEE or at least LISTEN to what we see in coaching and what it’s providing our life. One of the MOST effective ways to execute that is to conduct or have your prospects participate in your upline’s sneak peek (and yours in the future).

Simply put, a sneak peek is a Facebook event or a video that shows you conveying what coaching is all about and what it means to you in your life. The purpose of a sneak peek is to inspire people to think beyond the 9-5 and help them see that this is a legitimate avenue better than any we’ve come across for creating a meaningful & fulfilling life working from home on your own terms. It is when we mastered this tactic that our business took off and that is what we are here to teach you today!

*  How are you liking the training?
*  How are you feeling since starting ?
*   Do you feel you will move forward in your business THIS WEEK and maybe even go emerald (or if you already are, add two  new ppl)?

DAY 13: Your warm market is a great asset in terms of building momentum. Helping the people you love the most improve their lives through coaching will solidify your belief and give you the enthusiasm you need to take your business to the next level. DO NOT skip this step!!

Your cold market is where sustainability is built. You can’t live off your warm market… eventually, you have to shift your attention from connecting with people from your immediate circle to integrating yourself in to other communities in order to continue building your brand & connecting with enough prospects to continue building your business.

The good news is… there are so many MAJOR social media platforms that allow you to do that. The first one we’ll discuss is my bread & butter – Instagram. We love Instagram because you can connect with ANYBODY on any topic; and as long as you’re generating good content, the connection is a potential client. In this module, we’ll cover our main tactics for growing our audience and connecting with prospective clients.

DAY 14: Maybe you’ve heard the saying; “no friendship is official until it’s Facebook official!” That couldn’t be truer! And since we’re in the business of making friends, we guess Facebook should be a HUGE asset for us huh? Yesterday, we covered prospecting on Instagram. Today, we’re covering prospecting on Facebook. The philosophies will remain very similar, but the strategies a little different. If you have ANY desire to work from anywhere at anytime and make a fruitful income / fulfilling living, there is no better way to accomplish that lifestyle than by leveraging social media. Facebook just so happens to be the biggest platform. So let’s put it to work, shall we?

Rate your OWN facebook on a scale of 1 / 10 as though you were a stranger. Based on the following
- how much you share about your life as a coach
- how much you share about your BB workouts
- how consistent you are
- the quality of your posts
- how many are YOUR own post that either inspire , educate, entertain

ALSO - send us a post of your BEST facebook post to date based off everything you've learned. (you can complete this today/ tomorrow)!

DAY 14: Self-awareness, one of the unsung heroes of our business.

We think it's going to be SO eye opening and telling to see exactly WHO we hear from today. Because EVERYONE can do today's homework. We’re excited about this one.

Please send us a copy once you have filled out and submitted the "QUIZ"

Send it to us:
Email titled "Assessment Day"

Day 16: At this very moment, the MOST popular and effective manner to create a connection with your audience through social media is to show an unfiltered view of what you are doing and to share value in a manner that best depicts your TRUE feelings towards a subject.

What better way to accomplish this than to leverage the “Live” feature on Facebook & The “Stories” feature on Instagram. It’s a tool we use almost daily to connect with our audience, to remind people that we are REAL trustworthy & moral human beings. Yes, it requires courage… at first… but if you got in to this business to make a living within the confines of your comfort zone, you’ve barked up the wrong tree. Let us tell you all about how going “Live” can change your business.

Go LIVE - TOMORROW . Yes ..TOMORROW ;) On a topic that brings you joy!!!

Check in letting us know you are HERE and share a link to your live video tomorrow so we can support and watch!

Day 17: One of the NEWEST tools you can use in your business that ELIMINATES pretty much ALL the guess work!! CLEAN WEEK can be a game changer in the Launch or the next big phase of your business. It's a 7 day gateway for potential customers to get a "taste" of a full challenge group.

How are you feeling about hosting a "clean week" challenge ?

Day 18: LEADERSHIP - This may not be the popular belief - but we believe leadership is a muscle that needs to be worked. It’s a mindset that we need to actively tap in to as frequently as possible in order to make it our second nature. With this training, we’ll go over what we perceive to be the keys to being a good leader as a coach … and while the majority of these assignments recommend sharing with your team, even if you’re not yet the leader of your own team… the act of simply putting them down on paper can be hugely helpful in knowing what you’re REALLY selling as a leader; a vision. Here’s an exercise in transparency - here are my 5 BIG goals that I KNOW my commitment to coaching will lead to:

- Own a vacation house in Mexico (possible Team FreeToBe retreats???)
- Be the #1 team within the network
- Retire from my teaching job so that  we can run this business together from anywhere and so that I have the freedom to be with my kids and travel with them for vacation and to visit family!
- Have a group of women within our team who accomplish true freedom with me. i.e. “Who wants to come with me to generate content in Bahamas this week?”
- Be directly or indirectly responsible for hundreds of thousands of people reshaping their health & fitness.

Share your 5 big goals with the rest of us in the team group or as an email --- and remember the topic of day 1 – DREAM BIG!

DAY 19: There are three questions Clarissa & myself ask each other almost daily;
- How do we get more eyes on our message
- How do we lead more conversations to our ideal outcome
- And how do we help more people accomplish their goals.

We treat EACH of these questions as an individual challenge… and today, we’re going to offer you that same challenge.

Check in with us with ONE thing you can do from each question to dramatically improve your business.

DAY 20: Hopefully through this training you’ve noticed that the emphasis is NOT on being a Beachbody coach - it’s about being yourself - be committed to your fitness, on your health and business grind SELF… and sharing that as openly as possible. In doing so, what you win over is TRUST. When people trust you, the price, the specifics, the detail - they’re an afterthought - because all that is relevant to your client once you’ve garnered their trust is that they are working with YOU.

This isn’t an easy task to accomplish - it requires hard work, a dedication to growing your social media skills and PATIENCE - but once you’ve started expanding your audience, this module deals with the EXACT steps that you can take to leverage the trust you’ve garnered from being an unfiltered source of information to your audience. As a side note, this is the last video from this training series. With that being said - if you haven’t yet hit success club or rank advanced, we ask you three things

1- Are you being consistent? Have you done the activities, like send your thank you messages, connect with people on Instagram & Facebook, your workout and your personal development every day consistently over the time frame of this training?
2- Are you being patient? If you were consistent - were you consistent for long enough to truly see the fruits of your labor. A traditional business takes on average 3 years to become profitable - our coaching business can become profitable a lot quicker - but patience is still a requirement.
3- And finally, do you believe in the business you joined? Do you believe in your ability to make this happen for you? Do you believe that through coaching, YOU have the gift?

For fun, check in with a rating on #one, #two  & #three (one to ten, ten being great, one being not so great). Chat again soon! 

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