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Welcome to our Coach Info Page

This is where we will walk you through what we do as coaches to see if it is a good fit for you as well!

VIDEO #1 - Our Story


We are so excited to be taking you on this journey! Coaching has impacted our lives in every way imaginable: body, soul, mind and financially!!! Paying this forward to YOU is now our purpose! From struggling teachers living pay cheque to paycheque, going through nasty divorces, medication for anxiety & depression and the constant hamster wheel of “is this life” to a total #GIRLBOSSES & CEOs, fitness coaches, biz mentors, and influencers!


Do you have any questions for us so far? feel free to reach out anytime! SEE YOU BABES in the next video! We hope you are PUMPED!!!

Video #2 - What we Do Every Day



  • Share your journey on social media and make new friends!

  • Workout and Eat Healthy AKA walk the talk; always striving to be the best version of YOU!

  • Work on your mindset and become positive, confident and empowered through PD.

  • Check into our online fit club, help ladies work on their fitness goals too!

As mentioned there are different levels of coaches depending on how much time you want to invest and your goals! Most coaches start with dedicating one hour per day. This can totally be a side hustle to your current life & routine!

Video #3 - Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

When I was first presented with this opportunity, I had a long list of "I will never do....." and a ton of questions i needed answered before I would even contemplate this opportunity.

These are the most frequent questions we get asked and our honest, heart-felt answers!

Video #4 - Training & Mentorship

Nobody goes to school to be a coach - that is why it is super imperative that we get all of our coaches started off correctly These are some of the ways we will help you begin your new life-changing adventure!

VIDEO #5 - How To Make and Income

There are 3 main types of coaches:

A) a coach who loves the product and just wants a discount

B) a hobby coach who wants to earn a little bit on the side

C) a business builder who wants full time income


These are the ways any coach can make an income in this business!

VIDEO #6 - How to Get Started as a Coach

These are the steps for you to begin your life-changing journey with the Empower Squad!


We asked some of the coaches on our squad to share how coaching has impacted their lives - this is what they shared with us!

So, you've now gone through all of the videos and are likely wondering, WHAT NOW? You are probably also wondering, "is this for real" and "could I really do this"?

We know it's not the easiest thing to jump into something new with your new "virtual friends" - at the same time, we know that SOMETHING brought you here. If there is anything we can promise you it is that your life will be FOREVER CHANGED in so many ways - from time to financial - and for us finding our own voices and helping other women believe in themselves are just a few of the key highlights of coaching!

We do offer a full 30 day money back guarantee because we want you to feel assured that we have your back and that we will be here for you every step of the way! So friend, what do you have to lose - or better yet, what do you have to gain? <3

please look for an email from us - (often ends up in spam or promotions folder)

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