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Where to Start!

Some Coach Basics  Ideas for You!

We CANNOT stress enough the importance of 2 very important "To-Do's" to help you blow your business out of this world!

  • Are you following the 3 Vital Behaviours EVERY SINGLE DAY? If you are struggling with where to begin, feeling overwhelmed by what is important, etc. ALWAYS go back to the 3 vital behaviours and ask yourself - where can I improve, what can I work on?

    • ​Be a product of the product! The ONLY way to gain the trust of others is to SHOW them that what you have to offer really works! That we are not just a magical pill, but a change to our lives that is achievable and sustainable. This also includes drinking your Shakeology every day!

    • Invite, Invite, Invite - maybe you know someone who just wants a discount on shakeology, maybe you know someone who is looking for a change in their life, maybe you meet someone who be a kick-ass coach? You will NEVER know if you don't invite!

    • Personal Development - are you reading/listening to atleast 10 minutes today? This helps us be better people overall as well as keeps us focused and motivated for all of the people we are working with!

  • Have you done the Team UpRoar University trainings? When we first started, we did not have this option. Our mentor coach has done an absolutely phenomenal job of putting EVERYTHING, and we mean everything, you need in one place in a simple, stream-lined format. She has made videos that walk you through step-by-step what to do - from setting up your EFT to running your first challenge group. NOW is the time to get this done and set yourself up for success!!!

Free Personal and Professional Development for You

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