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My Why

Have you ever felt like you were a slave to something and were stuck in a cycle you wanted to get out of? For me that slavery was to food and I teach women how to break free from food addictions and nourish their bodies properly!​ It is complete freedom to have a healthy relationship food and I love helping other women learn what I have learned!

When asked why she coaches, this is what Clarissa shared ....

Clarissa is originally from Brazil and has always loved the fitness industry. At a very young age, Clarissa found the gym and fitness classes and she has not looked back! Even when she made the huge move to Canada, she made sure to include fitness in her every day life. In 2010, Clarissa found Zumba Fitness (R) and has not looked back. In January of 2015, Clarissa became an online Health & Fitness coach and since then, has helped over 1000 women live happier and healthier lives.


Today Clarissa keeps busy with her Zumba Kids classes and her online coaching. She feels accountable to all of the people she helps to live her best life possible and is steadfast with her commitment to her own health and fitness. Over the first 2 years of coaching, Clarissa lost approx 25 pounds and is commited to working on muscle tone and her overall fitness. For Clarissa there is no greater feeling than earning a living while helping others from the comfort of home.


Knowing that all she needs is wifi and her desire to help others, Clarissa is excited that she can work anywhere in the world (even when at home visiting family in Brazil) and is always looking forward to helping as many people as she can live a happier and healthier life!